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I am a geography teacher at the Friary School in Lichfield, Staffordshire. Previous to this, I have taught in Bath, Bristol and Solihull. I spend a lot of time making resources and share them via this site. I have created all of the resources on this website myself. Feel free to use anything you like, but please contact me before posting these on other websites.

I work part-time as a teacher, which allows me to carry out geography consultancy work and training. I am a Geography Consultant for the BBC and BBC Bitesize, an Independent External Geography Expert for Ofqual and an author for several publishers, including Cambridge University Press. I hold RGS Chartered Geographer status and have received the RGS/Ordnance Survey award for Excellence in Teaching Geography.

This site has been (and always will be) free to use, but if you would like to support me, please consider buying me a coffee: https://www.buymeacoffee.com/geographygeek

Helen Young.





GCSE Geography for AQA Case Studies Booster (2016 specification)

Cambridge University Press (Helen Young)

A digital learning resource for students and teachers, includes eight case studies with customisable content and practice assessment questions. Updated yearly, it includes additional opportunities for progress testing with practice assessment questions which can be marked and tracked through ‘Assess to Progress’ on the Cambridge Elevate-enhanced Edition. Order here.

case studies booster

GCSE for Geography AQA (2016 specification)

Cambridge University Press (Rebecca Kitchen, David Payne, Alison Rae, Emma Rawlings Smith, John Rutter, Helen Young, John Pallister, David Payne)

Student book, teachers book, elevate enhanced edition. To order, click here.

GCSE book

A/AS Level Geography for AQA (2016 specification)

Cambridge University Press (Alan Parkinson, Ann Bowen, Andy Day, Victoria Ellis, Paul Hunt, Rebecca Kitchen, Claire Kyndt, Garrett Nagle, Alan Parkinson, Nicola Walshe, Helen Young)

Student book, teachers book, elevate enhanced edition. To order, click here.

A Level book

Success with AEGIS - Basic Kit

The Advisory Unit (Helen Young)

This book helps new AEGIS users get up and running with GIS really quickly as it has everything that you need to teach successful GIS lessons. For more information, click here. For details on how to order, click here.

Success with AEGIS

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